Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Prayer Request..

I have a prayer request for a little girl named Lily who just turned 18 months, and is currently battling cancer. She is not doing well, and the doctors have told her dad that they aren't sure they can cure her, and they aren't sure she is going to make it. I have told him repeatedly that the doctors don't technically cure is God that has that capacity, but I fear that he is losing faith. I have known Lily's father since elementary school, and he used to go to my church with his mother as he was growing up. I have lost touch with him, and I do not know where he stands in his faith, but I know life hasn't been easy on him. He has two children with his girlfriend who just left him. He is with his daughter at the hospital at all times of the day unless his mom relieves him so he could use all the prayers he can get. Lily is a beautiful little girl who is suffering, but I continue to pray that she is healed. Please pray for this family because they are falling apart and crying out for help. May God heal this little girl..

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