Monday, October 24, 2011


Over the weekend we celebrated two milestones..The 22nd marked Westyn's first month with us, and it also marked 20 months since Aubree left us. I am really starting to think that God had this planned all along..we were so busy being happy about Westyn being a month old that we barely had time to grieve that it has been that long since she left us. I hate that the day got away from me, and I barely had time to even think about where I was 20 months ago..I think that is all a part of His greater plan though..the 22nd is supposed to be a day of celebrating and not grieving. I should be celebrating that Aubree is in Heaven anyways instead of grieving the fact that she isn't here with us. I really think that Westyn resembles his sister, and maybe he does because God is showing me every single day that she is always going to be with us in one way or another. For that I am so very thankful..

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  1. He does have a greater plan for all of us. I'm glad that Westyn is with you and Aubree is always with you too. If you need me call me much love