Monday, February 7, 2011


This weekend was full of ups and downs for us. I had my first Face2face meeting and had the opportunity to talk with three very strong women who have all gone through significant losses, but are still walking with their heads held high. All three of these women are beautiful women who have a lot to teach others about what it means to pick up the pieces and keep on going. I feel so honored to get to know them all a little better even if what brought us together isn't exactly something positive. We will make something positive out of it though.

On Sunday after church this lady (that I have been talking to for quite some time now) approached me to give me a late Christmas gift. She lost her little girl years and years ago, but she has drudged up all of her old emotions to help me through my loss. She had gotten a Precious Moments angel years ago from her best friend when she lost her little girl, and she wanted to get me one too..The only problem was that they don't make them anymore. She had her son go on ebay to look for one for me..So yesterday, she gave me my very own angel. How do you thank someone for such a beautiful gift? This woman barely even knows me, but she has shown me such kindness and love in her words and actions. She is almost a stranger to me, but yet she feels like a close friend..I am just so thankful that God brought her into my life because she has been so helpful and so kind towards me. I feel like such a lucky woman to have so many beautiful people in my life that I never would have known otherwise. All of you wonderful friends out there who follow this blog and support me more then I can even express through your loving words and through your constant prayers. I am just amazed at the love that pours out of all of you on a daily basis. Just following "What Love Really Means" thanks to Mattie over at Beauty Will Rise has been wonderful this month. You can access her blog from the button on my the sidebar if you want to follow too. The love that these women share is beautiful, and I am enjoying reading about what love means to each and every one of them.

On a sad Steelers lost last night..we were all hoping for that seventh ring, but it was obviously just not meant to be. They had a good season despite all of the mess that Ben got himself into at the beginning of the season. On a positive note about that..He is apparently now really good friends with TobyMac and has become a Christian! Yay!! KLove has been talking about it, and I believe that he should be forgiven by all of us..God already forgave him so why can't we? There is always next year, right? :)


  1. How very sweet that your friend gave you her own angel!! I does help to have people surrounding you that have been where you are! Such a sweet post today!

  2. Sending you Hugs ;o) What a sweet gift. It's amazing how someones kindess can brighten our day.

  3. We were saddened the Steelers lost too!

    I'm glad you got to meet some wonderful women in person