Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking Forward to 2011..

Last week was got even tougher as the week went on..I am just so thankful that we are in a new week! After getting through a tough week emotionally we had to get through a tough weekend. My mom and dad's dog, Murphy, got hit by a car in front of my neighbor's house. It was such a horrible event with so much worry. My neighbor came running to my house thinking that it was one of my dogs, but when she saw both of mine come out of the house she asked my kids (who opened the door for her without my knowledge) if their grandma had dogs like Ruger..I heard her voice and came out to ask her if she had found them since my mom was out looking for them. She said they were at her house, but that the young one with the white face got hit by a heart stopped. She said he was up walking around, but he was holding his one leg up. She proceeded to tell me that he hit the front tire of the car, rolled under it, and then the car ran over him..That sentence alone made me think the worst. He had to have some internal damage! I got in touch with my mom finally and she rushed to get him to take him to the Emergency Vet. Hospital about 45 minutes away. We spent time praying about him and just hoping he would be ok..I had to call my dad who was away and my sisters to let them know what had happened. to make a long story short..he is ok..They kept him overnight for observation, but he is ok..He is eating, walking around (hobbling a bit), is really banged up, but he is ALIVE!! He is one lucky dog. I believe that he had God with him that day because in reality he probably shouldn't have survived if the car really did run him over..I do hope he has learned his lesson in that he won't ever chase cars again!!!

Murphy is pretty special to me even if he drives me crazy with his ball obsession sometimes..He was the dog who stayed by my side at all times when I came home from the hospital after delivering Aubree..he was not going to let me alone because he knew I needed him. He is faithful, and he was there to remind me that I was not alone. He never acted like that before..It was really strange yet so comforting to know that a dog could understand that I needed comforted.

I look forward to 2011 because I am hoping that it is better than 2010 has been for our family. Emotionally it has been a tough year...I don't even really remember most of this year to be honest with you. It has all gone by in such a blur. I just found out about this poor pregnant girl who has just found out her unborn son has Trisomy 13. It is similar to Trisomy 18 in that the child doesn't have a very good chance of survival if they make it through the pregnancy. She is 23 weeks along..I can remember being in her shoes and not knowing if this was the last day you had with your child. Every day was spent being thankful for the time you have with them, loving every movement, etc., but it was also spent worrying about the fact that your child could die at any moment..I am just going to pray for this family and for this baby. I hope that her son defies all odds and gets to live a full life with his family. I hate to think that this family is going through what we went just breaks my heart because I was there, am still there, etc. Her life will never be the same ever again..

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  1. So glad Murphy is ok and your week is a little better. I read the link to that girl's blog you posted. Truly heartbreaking. We just can't understand this side of Heaven. Always here if you need a friend, Amanda. Love you xo