Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prayers Please..

I have a prayer request for someone very close to me..she just entered the BLM community unfortunately. She just had her first miscarriage at eight weeks. She is not taking this loss very well which is to be expected so she could use all of the prayers she can get. This pregnancy was a big surprise to her since she never thought she could get pregnant on her own. She just can't understand why God would give her a miracle to just take it away..Hmm..I have always wondered the same thing! I keep telling her to just have faith that God is in control. We might not understand why now, but we probably will understand at some point. No..life isn't fair, and it doesn't make any sense at all, but..we have to keep on going. I keep going for the sake of my family. I am just so thankful for them.

Carley drew a picture of her family today at preschool..I noticed Aubree was not in her picture, but there was this yellow squiggly line next to the picture of Mike. I asked her what it was a picture of since everything else had a label..she told me a deer. I asked her why she didn't put Aubree in the picture, and she then told me the squiggly line was Aubree in Heaven. I want for them to include her in our family, but I hate that I am forcing her draw her or to make sure she is included..I don't want them to ignore the fact that she is their sister, but I know that they don't understand since they never got to see her or touch her..she isn't really real to them in many ways. Unfortunately she was really only alive and "real" to me..that can be a lonely place sometimes..