Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Big Sigh...

Today was my ultrasound that I have been dreading. I felt like I was going to throw up from both the anxiety and from all of the water you have to drink before you go in..I think making a pregnant woman drink 32 oz. of water an hour before the ultrasound is just plain torture! When we went in there the lady who called me back wasn't going to let Mike go with me..I told her we had clearance from the head of the department that he could go with me. She told us to sit back down while she went to ask..sure enough the head of the department came and got me and apologized for not letting her know ahead of time. Mike went in with me, and even just his presence helped calm my nerves a bit. As much as I enjoy the whole realm of pregnancy (in some ways), I am really hopeful that this is the last ultrasound I will ever have to get in regards to a baby..It is just too nerve-wracking!

She did all of her usual measurements while Mike and I watched my stomach moving all over the place. The technician kept commenting on how active this baby was..we could very easily see that on the outside! I guess he/she didn't like being pushed on! The baby looks perfectly fine right now..there are no flags at all! She showed me the umbilical cord (three vessels), the four chambers of the heart, and she told me the baby was measuring 24 weeks and 1 day with a due date of September 27th, which is exactly where I am right now!! Hooray!! Those words were music to my ears because Aubree was only measuring at about 24 weeks when I was 27 weeks pregnant! I just feel like I have been so blessed right now because God gave me the strength to get through it. It was so strange to be so nervous, but I felt such a sense of peace about the baby the whole time..I just knew that this baby was going to be ok..The baby is sort of vertical/transverse right now which isn't a big surprise to me because I had already guessed that based on where I feel kicks. I do have to say that the baby does not look comfortable because it is all folded in half with the feet up by the head! Oh well! It was hard to see the baby's face, but I do have to say that in one of the pictures we were very clearly able to see the profile and it looks a lot like Carley's face..It has the same shape..We shall see I guess..I am just so thankful that we have no flags thrown up right now! God is good!!


  1. Yay! So happy for you. I can only imagine the relief you must feel.

  2. Is is such a relief to know that the baby is healthy after our last ultrasound at this was terrifying just walking in there!

  3. Such great news to hear!!! SO happy for you!