Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It is time to disassemble..

We ordered a chair for our living room because we have the room now for extra seating. We have had my nursing chair sitting in the place that our new chair will occupy for about a year now because we had no use for it, and it matches our furniture. The dogs have gotten it dirty along with the kids, and we have been anxious to get our new chair so a few weeks ago we ordered came in that means we are picking it up today to put it where it belongs. That means our nursing chair needs to find it's home where it should have been a year ago..our nursery. Our nursery has been set up as a guest bedroom for over a year now, but I have kept the door shut because it drives me crazy to see it when I walk up the steps. It is a reminder of what should have been in my mind..I carried the ottoman up today to slowly make room for the new chair when I realized that our chair won't fit in there with the bedroom the way it is now. The bed needs to be disassembled and it needs to become the crib once again.. I just keep wondering if I am ready for this, and if it is just too soon to even think about setting up a nursery. I have thought about just shoving a bunch of stuff in there for the time being, but the neat freak that I can be at times just can't handle even thinking about that! I have figured out how the room needs to be arranged to fit all of the furniture in the best way in order to accommodate the glider. It freaks me out to even think about setting up a nursery because we never had the chance to last time even though I was 31 weeks..that is what happens when you are moving into a new house that close to your due date! I do realize that things are different this time around, but it still scares me to think about getting a room ready that might never be heart just aches for those people that had to come home to an empty nursery..I never had the time to set mine up...

So today I have been busy stripping the bed and washing up all of the sheets to put away so we can take apart the bed to assemble it back into the crib...I was so excited for our new chair, but I didn't stop to think about how the new chair meant we had to think about actually doing something in the nursery/guest room to make room for the glider. Maybe it is time...I can say that I am not doing anything in there until after the baby comes though because I want to make it gender specific..I can't pull out the bedding we were going to use for Aubree..I need a fresh start..


  1. I had the same problem!!!
    We are just finishing our nursery four months after his arrival.
    and you know what? It's okay!

  2. I agree, you need a fresh start and I think God will give it to you!!!!Praying for you!