Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a week!!

This past week went by in such a hurry, and I'm not even sure what all happened! I taught VBS at our church this year for the preschoolers again, and I ended up having 19 (4-5 year-olds) all week for about three hours in the morning. Let's just say that I am beyond exhausted! We had a lot of kids this year turn out for our program so it was a bit chaotic at times, but it is safe to say that every kid had a blast. There truly is nothing better then hearing 180 kids on fire for Jesus! In my class alone I had two little girls (who are sisters) decide on their own that they wanted to ask Jesus to be their forever friend (that is how we refer to it in our program to make it more understandable for them). It makes me feel pretty good just knowing that they got something out of the times they were being taught by others or by me..I would count that as a very successful week! There is just something about hearing about how your friend's children are singing the songs to their parents all week long..They are ministering, and they do not even know it!

It was Parker's first year at VBS, and he wasn't sure about going. By the end of the week he would run downstairs completely dressed and ready to go as soon as he woke up. I had to really keep my emotions in check when he was in front of the whole group leading the motions and singing the songs..he is only three, but he did such a great job! He was so excited about going, and he even pointed out a cross when we were driving from the church one day to tell us that Jesus died on the cross for us..He got something out of this week!! Carley loved VBS as well, and she always had a lot to tell Mike when he would come home from work which is not like her! She tends to keep things to herself! It was a wonderful week full of joy, and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it even if it was challenging and exhausting!!

As for me..I am in a better place with things. I am feeling a bit less anxious, and I have decided that I will allow my doctor to induce me if need be. I have decided that it will be best to have him there for my emotional health or if anything would go wrong..He needs to be the one to take care of me since he has done such a great job so far. That decision alone has really helped..I did buy two outfits for the baby to come home in too..that was a big step because I have been so hesitant to buy anything at all. Now we just have to wait and see which outfit we will use! My kids are pretty sure we will be using the blue one! We shall find out next month I guess!

For those of you who have been praying for my friend Clark and his daughter Lily..please keep those prayers coming. She is fighting, and God could still provide a miracle, but..I have asked God to have my daughter waiting with open arms to welcome Lily into her next life where there is no more pain, suffering, treatments, hospitals, etc if that is His wish for her life. Clark will need a lot of prayers to stay strong and faithful through all of this as you all know how terrible the months/years are after you lose a child..

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