Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tree #5

This tree was planted by some really nice men yesterday for us as a gift from Cynthia and Joe Cardiello in honor of Aubree. It is a Kwanzan Cherry Tree, and I am so excited to have it in our yard. Cynthia is probably one of the nicest people to do business with in the Indiana area. She made buying our Jeep Commander a breeze for us, and she is just really pleasant to work with. There are very few people in the world that are like her. She and her husband were so generous in getting this tree for us being that she only knows us from the car dealership where we bought both of our cars. How many people can say they have that kind of relationship with their car dealers? She has just been so supportive through this whole ordeal, and we are so thankful to have this tree from them. I would recommend using her to help you buy a car if you are in the market that's for sure! Every time I look at this tree I can't help but smile. It really adds beauty to our yard in that it is a large tree that will have beautiful blooms on it next spring. I love that this tree will get to be over 30 ft. tall with a 25 ft. spread or sort of resembles great strength to me which is what we have had to show through Aubree's diagnosis, death, and beyond..We just feel so blessed to have a yard full of beautiful trees that will remind us of her every time we go outside or look outside. She is everywhere..and she will never be forgotten in our house! I just feel so blessed in that we have so many people who wanted to honor her..She really was a gift, and she taught so many people about what is really important in life. Isn't it amazing that a two pound baby girl could do that? She really was a spitfire!

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