Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been reflecting on my life lately, and I am really surprised at a few things. My life is not at all what I had pictured for myself growing up..I never thought I would live where I do..I always wanted to get out of the place I grew up. I never thought I would marry a man like Mike. I think he would tell you the same thing about me though being that he isn't into redheads! :) I actually pictured my life with my high school boyfriend, and I even transferred schools to be with him. I had no idea that my transfer had nothing to do with him, but it had everything to do with meeting Mike. Crazy how that works out..I am so thankful that God brought Mike into my life though. He is the best husband a girl could ask for. There was a time that I wasn't sure we would ever have any children..I never thought that I would have a son. I always thought I would be the mother of three girls! I also never thought that I would have to bury my own child let alone know where I am going to be buried at 30 years old. All of these things have made me who I am today, and I know they are building my character in many ways even if the going is a bit rough. I don't know why I have been reflecting today, but it has made me look at things a bit differently. I never thought that someone like Mike was right for me, but look how that turned out..Even though I think things might be good for me at the time they might not be..things could be even better..I grieve over Aubree's death every day, but maybe, just maybe God has better plans for us..He hasn't really let me down yet..He always seems to provide..In I am reflecting on my life, I can't really complain because God has been good..

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  1. It's a true testament to your strength that you are trying to see the ways that your loss can be a spring board for other things. Nothing can prepare you to lose a baby, but faith and hope are our best tools for coping with everything that happens afterwards.