Monday, January 24, 2011

What An Exciting Day!!

When I woke up on Saturday it was a sad day for me because it was the one year anniversary of finding out that something was terribly wrong with my precious baby. That day turned into a beautiful day when my niece, Isobel, was born. I also woke up to find that I had won a blogger award courtesy of Sydney over at Letters to Claire. I was pretty honored that she would choose my blog, but I am more happy about the fact that I have been helpful to her! I have to say that she is one of the people I would choose because she always has wonderful things to write about, and she is very open and honest about how she is feeling. It makes it very easy to relate to her! The rules of this are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs that have been helpful to you.
4. Contact the bloggers so they know how much they mean to you! here are seven things about me that you might not know..:)
1. I actually was able to remove my front tooth (due to an accident when I was a little girl that involved a brick fireplace) up until my junior year of college when I got my permanent bridge done.
2. I have two sisters who mean the world to me, and I wish that I got to see them more often.
3. I was born on my mother's birthday..December 7th!
4. I actually couldn't stand my husband before I started dating him. He lived in the apartment above mine at Shippensburg where we went to school..He brought me some mail that got sent to his neighbor's apartment accidentally, and after going out with a few of them that night I realized I had him all wrong!
5. I am a skier so I love the snow. My parents put me on skis when I was just three!
6. My favorite place to visit is Durango, Colorado.
7. I am scared to death of sharks so you won't find me swimming in the ocean!!

The Awards Go To:
1. Beauty Will Rise Mattie writes so beautifully about the two babies that she has lost, and she is now on to the adventure of adoption. She is one of the strongest, most positive moms out there, and I get a lot of encouragement from her!

2. Journey to Motherhood Desiree is a babyloss mom who has faced infertility as well as the loss of her daughter Lilly. She just recently found out she is pregnant with twins so she is beginning a new journey with a pregnancy after loss. She is also a really strong mom who just pours her heart and soul into her blog.

3. In Hannah's Honor This mom has just recently had her rainbow baby after suffering a miscarriage after the loss of her daughter. She has helped me through my grief immensely, and I can't thank her enough for just being there. She is also a very talented person who can make just about anything in honor of those babies we have lost.

4. Loving my angels This mom has been through a lot in a short period of time, but she is still so faithful through it all. She is a woman that I look to for strength because she is so positive through it all!

5. Payton's Presence This mom just writes whatever is on her heart, and I can relate to her so easily. She is one tough mom who misses her little girl, and she isn't afraid to express her true feelings.

6. Eli's Valley This blogging mom writes about some pretty powerful subjects. She lost her little boy pretty close to when I lost Aubree so we have that connection. Her posts remind me of how God really is in control.

7. Beauty From Ashes This mom has lost many children unfortunately, but she is never afraid to try again. She gives me hope that it isn't so scary to try again after loss.

8. When I Count My Blessings This woman writes beautiful, faith-driven posts about her son Jaxton who is yet to be born. I chose her because I know what it is like to walk in her shoes. She is not a babyloss mom yet, and we are hopeful that she won't be, but her son has Trisomy 13 so they need all the prayers they can get! She is so strong in her faith and in trusting that God is in control.

9. Baby Be Blessed I chose this blog because they made me a doll to bury with Aubree within days of finding out she was gone. They rushed it to our house, and the wait time for a doll is usually about 8-10 weeks depending on how busy they are. I have a matching lamb that has her name on it with a scripture verse that we chose for her. They have a wonderful ministry!

10.Bring The Rain This mom writes beautifully, and she wrote the book "I Will Carry You" that completely changed me and how I dealt with Aubree's loss. She wrote my exact was so easy to connect with her emotionally through her words.

11.Bethany Hope~My Angel Above . Another good blogging mom who says the right things! She just recently started to get back into cooking the way she used to before her loss, and she gives me encouragement that I can do the same with my pre-loss interests!

12.Keeping Up With the Joneses This mom also just had her rainbow baby about 5 months ago. She lost her son to SIDS at about 4 months, and this blog gives me great hope that you can go on to have another child and not have a nervous breakdown every step of the way. She has been so strong after all she has been through.

13.Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope I chose this blog/website because it is a great place for women to come to find out that they are not alone in their journey. It is also a great resource page for support groups in your area, coping mechanisms, etc.

14.-15. These two spots are going to the two blogs that I am not going to name on here because they don't blog very often, but they deserve to be rewarded regardless. Neither one of them talk about their loss very often, but they are still affected by it..

I have enjoyed following so many people's blogs, but in reality I don't have the time to follow a ton of people because my time is limited on the internet since we have dial-up right now! It is very frustrating to go from DSL to dial-up..I guess that is the sacrifice you have to make when you move the country. We could get satellite internet, but we wouldn't be able to afford our groceries anymore! :) Thank you all for blessing me in so many ways. I really can't thank you enough!


  1. Thank you so much Amanda! Your Blog has been really helpful to me as well! I love how candid you are! You are constantly in my prayers! xoxo

  2. I'm glad that it helped turn your day around, you are very easy to relate to too! And Durango- woo my husband would pay me to make that my favorite place so we could move to the SNOW. (Arizona isn't known for it's great mountains and he loves to snowboard!) Our favorite place isn't too far away though- Telluride :)

  3. Thank you so much...Your words have made my day and given me so much encouragment to keep writting. I pray your day is blessed!

  4. Thank you so much! You're a sweetie!

  5. Thank you so much! You are quite an inspirtion yourself. So humbled....thank you so much.

  6. Hey Amanda, can you email me at beautywillrise(at)yahoo(dot)com? I wanted to email you, but didn't see an email address. Thanks!

  7. Thank you Amanda xoxo Love you!

  8. You are all so very certainly all deserve it. I am so thankful that I have had you girls to lean on this past year. It has really made the road a bit easier to know that I am not alone or crazy! :)