Saturday, October 9, 2010

My "Perfect" Family

Today we went to our local pumpkin patch for their pumpkin festival to enjoy the festivities as a family. We all had a really good time for the most part. Parker had a major meltdown at the pumpkin patch and had to be taken to the car kicking and screaming..not sure why, but it did not allow for us to spend any more time there with friends! Anyways. While we were waiting for the hay wagon to take us back to the festival this lady commented about what a perfect family we had..she said how pretty I was, how nice looking my husband was, and then went on to say I have a boy and a perfect. was really nice to hear, but it really just stabbed me right in the heart. My family is far from perfect, but we might look that way from the outside to some people I guess. It really just goes to prove my point..we don't know anyone's story, and they might just look "perfect" from the outside..It was a confidence booster I guess especially since my "perfect" little children have been so trying these past few days. :) Mike said he was waiting for me to say something to the lady about how untrue that was, but I just kept my mouth shut. I don't take compliments very well so I really didn't know what to say except "thank you." I wasn't in the mood to blurt out about how we lost a baby so that really doesn't make for a "perfect" family in many ways. I love my family so very much even though we all have our flaws. Sure I would love to have Aubree in my pumpkin patch pictures this year, but I will just to have to settle for the beautiful family pictures that we were able to capture today.

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  1. Losing a baby changes your perception. When I look at people I wonder what he/she is carrying. The four of you are cute together.