Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Another Rainy Day

Today started out really well because I got to see one of my good friends from college at her bridal shower. She had no idea that I was going to be there, and she was so excited to see me! I couldn't wait to see her myself since I hadn't seen her for a little over a year. She just recently moved closer to me so I am glad I will get to see her more often! I had some shopping to do while I was down in Monroeville so after the shower I ran my errands. One of the stores that I needed to visit was Baby Gap since my friend just had her little girl. I went into the store and went straight to the baby girl clothes. I did notice on my way there that the little boy clothes are absolutely adorable this year too..why are they so much cuter now then when I had Parker? Anyways. I found this really adorable outfit for her, and then I found this little orange and white romper. I am really into bright colors so this bright orange and white romper drew my attention right away. I kept looking at it and looking at it just wondering who I could buy it for. I ended up putting it back for someone else to buy for their little girl or as a gift. I was about halfway home, and I couldn't stop thinking about that outfit..It is something I would have bought for Aubree, and I just couldn't stop picturing her in it. I sobbed the rest of the way home because I couldn't get that picture out of my head. I would have loved to have bought that for her, and I would have. I even thought about buying it to dress her in digging her up and dressing her in it..the problem would have been that it would have been giant on her. I hate when those sick ideas pop into my head. It just makes me remember that she is dead, and I can't dress her in anything anymore. I can just picture her in it though just smiling at me staying nice and cool in this warm weather. Today is just another "rainy" day I guess..I am just really missing her today for some reason.

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  1. I do that, too. I'll see something so absolutely adorable that I would have loved to dress my daughter in...only to remember she is not here. xxx