Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tree #3

We planted tree #3 last night, and I am really excited about this tree. It is called a Limelight Hydrangea Tree. It goes from white flowers, to a bright green color, and then finally to pink in the fall. It blooms that long! I will be able to see the beauty of the tree for the whole summer! That is really exciting to me because every time I look at the tree I think of her and of how beautiful she was. This tree was a gift from a wonderful woman that I am so glad to have in our lives. She is one of those women who truly cares about you, and she would be there for you when you called. So thanks to Sharon for this wonderful gift!

When I met with my therapist yesterday she asked me a very interesting question..she wanted to know where I thought Aubree was right now. I of course answered immediately that she is in Heaven and that God is holding her since we have no one else there to take care of her. She then went on to ask me if I thought she might come back to me in some way in another body. I said no, but I have been thinking that maybe just a portion of her would come back to me in some way or another. I do believe she is everywhere..she is in the air around me, she is still teaching others, and she is still very real to me. I had a friend from high school write me a message on Facebook because she thought it was such an interesting story..Her little girl who is not quite two just yet is apparently delayed in her speech. My friend was looking at pictures of Aubree on the computer because she was looking for a good cause for the youth at her church to donate money to after a summer of raising money for that organization. She thought of my family and the organizations we are supporting. Her little girl came over and sat on her lap and as plain as day said, "Angel." Her mom was shocked because she has never said this word before and they had been just getting her to try to say "baby." She IS an angel, and if one little girl can see her then I'm sure we are all seeing her in one way or another... I am so glad she shared that story with comforts me even more to know she is reaching out to others in some small way..What a beautiful little girl..

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