Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What I have never told a lot of people is the real reason we decided to use the name Aubree..There was a very popular song by a group called "Bread" from my mom and dad's generation. I have always loved their songs, and I spent many hours listening to the one cd that I had while in high school. I always liked the song "Aubrey" but I vaguely recalled it being a sad song..My dad wanted to name me Aubrey when I was born so I promised my dad that if I had a little girl with red hair I would name her Aubrey for him...I had Carley who had dark hair so she didn't get the name, and then along came Parker..Mike and I decided we just really liked the name and we didn't care if the baby had red hair or not this time around so we were going to use it as our girl name regardless for my dad..My dad just recently told me I needed to read the words to the song...I did that today, and I now realize why we named her Aubree...it was all a apart of God's bigger plan...


And Aubrey was her name,
A not so very ordinary girl or name.
But who's to blame?
For a love that wouldn't bloom
For the hearts that never played in tune.
Like a lovely melody that everyone can sing,
Take away the words that rhyme it doesn't mean a thing.

And Aubrey was her name.
We triped the light and danced together to the moon,
But where was June.
No it never came around.
If it did it never made a sound,
Maybe I was absent or was listening to fast,
Catching all the words, but then the meaning going past,

But God I miss the girl,
And I'd go a thousand times around the world just to be
Closer to her than to me.

And Aubrey was her name,
I never knew her, but I loved her just the same,
I loved her name.
Wish that I had found the way
And the reasons that would make her stay.
I have learned to lead a life apart from all the rest.
If I can't have the one I want, I'll do without the best.

But how I miss the girl
And I'd go a million times around the world just to say
She had been mine for a day.

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