Monday, May 3, 2010


We had a really busy weekend..not a fun weekend I must say, but we got a lot accomplished so it was a successful weekend I guess. I am still pretty exhausted from it though. We got most of our yard planted, but it took a lot longer to do since the hay shooter we were borrowing was not working at all! We ended up shaking the straw by hand. Oh least a big part of it is done! It is also really difficult to do when you have two kids and a puppy to keep track of! The kids and Maya enjoyed helping with portions of the yard though so that did help!

Carley has been talking about me having another baby this weekend. We went out to lunch yesterday and she randomly announced that I had a baby in my belly..actually two..Mike and I looked at each other and we commented that we hoped she wasn't a psychic! She didn't say anything more about it even after we questioned her. Today she was playing "beauty shop" and as she was doing my hair (which did not feel nice at all) she asked me if I had a baby in my belly. I told her no, and she wanted to know why. I just told her that mommy was not going to have another baby right now. I also asked her why she wanted me to have another baby so badly. Her response was, "Because Baby Aubree is in Heaven." Wow! I just stared at her probably with my mouth hanging open..I really think my three year old understands a lot more then I think she does. She obviously knows she is not coming back...I am still in shock about this comment because she pretty much said what was in her heart. She obviously wants me to have another baby to replace Aubree since she never got to meet her. She is one smart cookie even if she doesn't understand the emotional issues related to Aubree's death..she does get the physical part...

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