Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tree #2

We planted tree #2 for Miss Aubree, and it is probably one of my favorite trees. It is a Kousa Dogwood. The one that we got is the Milky Way variety which is really pretty. The part that I love about it is that it blooms for such a long period of time, and it blooms much later then the regular dogwoods. It has a really pretty white/pink flower. I think the reason I love this tree so much is that it also reminds me of our first home. We had one planted in our back yard at our very first house..where we began our life together..where our family began..all three of them! I am just glad we were able to bring a little piece of that house with us even if it isn't the same tree..This tree is from Aubree's Mama and Papa..I hope she likes this tree as much as I do! It is about to bloom, and it will be a wonderful reminder of what a beautiful gift she was to all of us. Thank you Mama and Papa for this wonderful gift!


  1. You are welcome. The tree is just like Aubree, tiny and perfect, and forever alive in our hearts. love MaMa and PaPa