Thursday, May 27, 2010


We finally brought Ruger home on Tuesday after a really long trip! He actually did really well..I was the one who was tired! He has already brought so much joy into our house, and I am so thankful that he is such a lover..So far he is really laid back and sweet. I am sure he has a mischievous side to him though that just hasn't come out yet because he is still making himself comfortable in his new home. I do believe that he was meant to join our family for a reason. It just seems so strange to me that he was right by Mike's mom and dad's house, his mom's name was Roxie, and he was one of seven males in his litter. We wanted a male, and most of the litters we were looking at had only a few males to choose from. I fell in love with him from a picture..It is funny how you can love something so much that you barely even know! You can say the same thing about having kids though too! Anyways. He is keeping me busy since my kids love him way too much! I am about ready to set a timer so they each get a fair amount of time with him! Roxie has taken to him also so that has made things a bit easier as far as the transition goes. He will adjust in time to our crazy house I'm sure! I like to laugh about when we brought him home too because Mike told me the only requirement he had was for us to have grass..he was not happy when I told him Ruger would be ready to come home at the end of May because I was not taking into consideration the grass requirement..guess what..Mike had to mow our grass on the day we brought him home! :) I like to remind him of this fact at least once a day! He is also really enjoying Ruger.

Life has been pretty crazy around here as you can imagine, and I am not able to post as much as I would like to these days. I am doing well for the most part. I have some rough days still, but I feel better right now..must be all of the sunshine and Ruger! I spent some time with some of my friends last night at our first book club, and I met a new girl who passed a book on to me as I was leaving..I guess my friends had filled her in on what had happened, and she shared the book that helped her sister get through her loss. I was really touched that this girl who didn't even know me would want to help me..I was also really touched by the fact that my friends were looking out for me without me even knowing it..It felt nice to know that they care last night! I am still missing my girl like crazy, but I know she gets to watch us play with her puppy every day..She would have loved him, and he would have loved her just as much as he loves Carley..

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