Thursday, April 8, 2010


Carley went to Christian Play Day this morning as usual and they talked about asking Jesus to come into their hearts. We were driving home this morning and we talked about whether or not she asked Jesus to be her "forever friend." She told me she did, and she then went on to tell me that because she did she could go see Baby Aubree, Maddie, and Tyson in Heaven..Wow...I of course was crying by this point and she went on to paint a beautiful picture for me of what they were doing in Heaven..she believes that they are playing with a golf ball...Maddie and Tyson are fighting over the ball that Aubree is throwing for them..I would like to believe that she gets to do this too..I have been finding comfort in picturing her doing such wonderful things with the people and animals that have gone before us..Maybe even my first dog Rocky is taking good care of her since he always took such good care of me growing up..I don't know if Carley really did ask Jesus to come into her heart this morning, but I do know that a seed was planted in her little soul today so hopefully it will continue to grow into a deeper relationship at some point in her life. I believe she is taking everything in at this point in her life, and even if she doesn't fully grasp what she might have done this morning she understands that asking Jesus into her heart is a wonderful thing because it secures her a place in Heaven where she will have eternal life (live forever as we tell her). What a big morning for her even if she doesn't realize it!

My kids never cease to amaze me. I really don't get them enough credit. I just think they are too young to understand some of life's bigger concepts...My kids are a lot smarter then I give them credit. Parker might not act like he has a clue sometimes, but that kid takes everything in..he listens to everything we say, and he might not understand everything he hears, but he is able to repeat things he has heard when we didn't even realize he was listening because he was busy playing something..Carley takes everything in too. I can't tell you how many times she has told us something that Ms. Carey told her (her preschool teacher). She is really listening to her, and I am so thankful for that. I hope that continues into next year! I think she will like school in the long run like I did. Parker might surprise us, but I have a feeling he won't be able to sit still long enough! He is just too busy! The interaction between the two of them is pretty funny right now too..Carley interprets everything that Parker says for Mike since he doesn't always understand him. I know everything he says because I am around him all day, but I allow Carley to tell her daddy what he is talking about just to see if she is right..she always is! Her imagination is exploding right now so that makes things fun too..she even has some imaginary friends..Karen and Jen to be exact! They call all of the time..I never really had imaginary friends that I can recall with names, but my sister did. I even remember where her one "friend" lived..every time I drive by that house I think about her "friend." I really miss my sisters..I wish they lived closer to us so I could spend more time with them. It is so hard being so far away from the ones you love..

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