Monday, April 12, 2010


Carley and I had a very interesting conversation today that sort of shocked me..I have been so worried about how they are doing with all of this because they don't really know how to express their feelings at this age so I asked Carley a few questions today to get a feel for what she might be feeling about having another sibling in our family. I asked her if she wanted another baby brother or sister..her reply was that she just wanted Baby do you respond to that? I told her as simply as I could that it was not possible since she was already in Heaven with God. She then corrected me and told me she was with Jesus..either way she looks at it is fine with me! Anyways. She went on to tell me again how she never got to hold her and how much she missed her. I was just so surprised with her response. I thought she would say yes right away instead of giving me the response that she did..I would love that more then anything too, but it is just not possible! I know she is just not getting it because she even commented about how she was sleeping in the picture we have of her..I explained to her that she was not living in the picture..she has no clue..I can't even begin to try to make her understand at this point in her life. She has decided she would want another sibling though, but she is very concerned about what it's name would be..I am not ready to think about that just yet, but I just wanted to feel her out to see what she was thinking..I guess she is thinking a lot more then I thought she was..She is one smart cookie..I know that I don't feel like my family is complete, but I just needed to see how she was feeling since she has such an obsession babies right now. She thinks everyone should have a baby! I have to try to teach her not to ask people why they don't have babies because it isn't exactly a question that some people want to hear for various reasons. She just isn't old enough to understand why at this point. I just keep trying to tell her that it is just not polite to ask people those things.

I saw a few pictures of the puppies that we are going to be looking at this weekend. I have no idea how I will ever choose a puppy..they are all so cute! I am thinking that one of them will just stick out to me based on his personality. I know Tyson really did so I am hoping we get lucky again. I just hope it isn't the female that sticks out to me since Roxie will not be thrilled with another female in our house. There are seven males to choose from so I am hoping that we will find one to fit our family. I have a feeling Mike and I are going to disagree too..maybe not though..We are usually on the same page for most things so hopefully it will be like that in this situation. I am starting to get excited about having a puppy since I have been around Maya..she is so sweet, and she is getting herself into trouble..I love that part. I can remember when Roxie was a puppy and we would come home to interesting scenes. My favorite one (not at the time) was when she got into my knitting bag and tried her hand at knitting the blanket I was working on..I had to throw it away needless to say..she had it all messed up! I also loved the time when I came home to find a pair of my jeans dragged the whole way across our bedroom into the sunroom..she was a little over 12 could she manage that one? I would have loved to have seen her in action though! Our neighbors told us they caught her pruning our Japanese Maple, rhododendrens, etc...she was a stinker! I love that though..she made our life more interesting! I am truly looking forward to the distraction..I really need it!

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