Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Sweet" Relief

We picked out Aubree's grave marker yesterday, and I can say that I am "happy" about it. I do like what we picked out, but I hate the fact that we had to do it in the first place. I was pretty strong while we were there, but I cried once we left because it was just so overwhelming just being in a place that marketed death..We picked out a pink granite grave marker that will be flush with the ground. I had envisioned a lamb and an angel together, and we luckily found the perfect one to put on her marker. I wasn't able to put the scripture verse on there because of the size of the marker. I just couldn't do something large since she was so just wouldn't fit her. I believe she would like it and it shows our love for her. I just wish I could go see her more often..maybe she is so far away for a reason..God knows how hard it is for me each time I go there..Her marker will be placed in about 4-6 weeks..they will let me know when it is placed..I am thinking that I might plant some tulips around her marker this fall for her..Red of course..

I finally got my cooktop fixed today..The broken part was on backorder of course, but the guy was finally able to fix it this afternoon. Now I truly can cook up a storm with all five of my burners in working order. My kids were so excited to see the repair guy. You would have thought they knew him! Parker wanted him to play frisbee with him, and Carley told him all about our new dog..I guess I can't back out of that one now..she has it in her mind that we are getting a puppy. I am not ready for the puppy stuff again, but the more sad I get with each day the more I think about how it will only help me to get out of this funk..distraction is the key for me right now I will give me something to take care of..I think I need a dog that wants to be around me all of the time...sorry Roxie..You are my #1 girl, but I need a dog that loves company all of the time right now I think! She can be a bit anti-social..she won't even get out of bed until around 11:00 sometimes! Maybe she is just getting lazy in her almost seven years! She still has a lot of energy at times though..

I am still enjoying this beautiful sad it is going to end soon here though. We took the kids over to my parents last night so they could go fishing. Parker caught his first fish ever..a big old catfish! He was scared to death of it when it flopped around on the dock. The kids caught a bunch of fish last night so I think that was fun for them. I have to admit that I still feel like a little kid when I catch fish too..I have always enjoyed fishing..not sure why exactly, but I love to feel the bite and to feel the excitement about what is on the other end as you reel it in..I think I might have had just as much fun as the kids did last night! I'm just glad Parker didn't hook himself! He was pretty close to doing that a couple of times! I'm not sure if he was more excited about the fishing or about the tractor...Farmer John (as we like to call my dad) was busy trying to get his "garden" ready for planting..He doesn't exactly have good luck with seeds so we are all pretty excited to see what we get this year. Last year we had cucumbers that turned into watermelons that ended up as pumpkins..We love him, but he can be crazy sometimes! I hope we get some real cucumbers this year! :)

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