Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Thrilled!!

Welcome to the new look of my blog..I am just thrilled with how it turned out. A big thank you to Katy for designing it for me! She has never even met me, but she captured me perfectly! She has quite the gift! It makes me happy every time I come to my blog to see such a beautiful header! I know the look of it doesn't matter in reality, but it does help to bring some joy to those of us who are seeing it every day! :) I wish I had a clue about how to make things like that..that is obviously not my God given talent! I will be happy with my other gifts I suppose ;)! For those of you who don't understand the is my way of reminding myself to Fully Rely On God..I had some sitting out on my dresser through our struggles with infertility, and they are back out again as a reminder to myself...I like to give frogs to others as a reminder for them too if they are in need of some encouragement. I hope they help like they have helped me!

I am really starting to believe that April is just going to be a bad reminder of Aubree's absence in my life. I got a card today from Mike's dad's cousin. She has always been such a sweet lady, and I wish that I could get the time to get to know her a little better. She said that she had been staring at the card for weeks now, but she had no idea what to say so she never sent it. She must have found the words to write because I received it today. She told me that she always plants blue or pink flowers on Myrtle and Myron's (Mike's grandparents) grave whenever a new baby is born...she said she would plant some pink flowers for Aubree this year. I stood in my driveway and sobbed..I am just so glad that everyone is treating her like she is real and she is our child...They are not forgetting her. I told Mike back when she was born that I was so glad that Aubree had Myrtle to take care of her. I never met Myron because he died before we met, but I did get the chance to meet and love Myrtle. I know that Aubree is out in one of the beautiful gardens of Heaven today planting with her great grandmother..I'm sure Myrtle is telling her all about the different flowers that they are planting too..I had this overwhelming feeling that once she passed she went straight into Myrtle's waiting arms..She is one lucky girl to not only be with her true Father, but to also be with a woman who will take such good care of her...She was a woman of great faith, and I know Aubree is in good hands..

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