Thursday, March 25, 2010


I seriously feel like I should just go outside and scream today..maybe it would make me feel better if I actually did it. I might scare our new neighbors though so maybe I should just go to the basement instead. Today really didn't start out well at all so maybe that is why our day is going in the direction that it is going..downhill! I woke up late which meant that we were already running late to get Carley to preschool. She was maybe 1-2 minutes late, but I still like to get her there a little early so she can get herself prepared for her time there. As soon as we got in the car the song "Heaven Is The Face" by Steven Curtis Chapman was it was going to be one of those days. For those of you who don't know that song it is about his little girl who passed away due to a tragic accident, and the song states that he can't wait to see Heaven through the eyes of his little girl. It really rang true this morning for me of course, and it brought tears to my eyes as Carley says from the back seat, "I miss Aubree mommy.." I wasn't sure we were even going to make it to preschool in one piece with all of that emotion running through me not even two minutes out of my driveway..What a way to start a day. I had plans to go look at some grave markers for Aubree this morning too..not sure it was a good day to do that anyways so I was thankful that they were not open when I was there..Some other day when my head is a bit more clear..

I did get to see Heather today so that was a blessing. It has been way too long, and I got to hold Gracie. She is such a doll, and I think she is looking more and more like her mother every day. I had no problems holding her at all believe it or not. I didn't have any problems even just seeing Heather either. I think that was mostly because we didn't talk about her. We just talked about the kids, and I had Parker as a distraction as well. It was just nice to see her and to finally give her a much-needed hug. My visit was brief because I had to get Carley from preschool, but it was nice to see some friendly faces nonetheless.

My kids are driving me insane today with all of the temper tantrums, not listening, etc. As soon as we got home today they were both screaming and crying for no apparent reason. Carley got mad because I looked at her class picture from preschool. She threw herself down and hit herself in the face several times...I still don't understand why she does this. It only makes it worse in my opinion. Her class picture is priceless though. Not only is she the only child in the picture with a stuffed animal dressed in a Steeler's uniform, but she has her shoulders shrugged so much that she doesn't have a neck. The look on her face is also hilarious..I am just thankful I didn't get some of her by herself...She is just one of those kids that gives goofy grins when the camera comes out! That is part of what makes her special though..Parker gave me nothing but problems this morning as far as getting into and out of his carseat. He wants to do it by himself, but he can't even climb into the car that well so it really makes for a long process. He is also into getting into the car and then flying into the cargo area so I can't get him..not fun when you are trying to get things done! I was able to bribe him with a "special treat" of organic squeeze applesauce that he managed to squeeze all over himself and the carseat..I'm telling you it was a fun morning!

I am really hoping that Parker's birthday cake turns out today...He is getting a basketball cake since we are in the midst of March Madness. He really couldn't choose which ball he wanted since he loves them all..He is such a sports junkie already! I hope he like the tool bench we got him since he really only likes sports toys. We have everything you can buy though at this point that is appropriate for his age group so we were out of options..He is very focused on his sports so maybe that is the key to keeping him out of trouble! As the designated cake decorator in this house I am thankful for the love of balls since it will be the easiest cake I have made yet. I thought Mickey Mouse would be was easy, but it took five years to make since his head was so large..Share Bear (don't EVER agree to make a CareBear have a rainbow on them which means even more colors of icing) took a long time because of all of the icing colors and because it was my first cake. Lightning McQueen also had his share of colors, but it wasn't as time consuming since he wasn't that large..this basketball will seem like a breeze compared to those other cakes! I wish I didn't have to act like Martha Stewart when it came to birthday life would be so much easier, but I do love the look on their faces when they see their cake for the first might be worth the stress in the end!

I have a request for anyone who is good at web design or who even knows how to do it..I want to make my blog "cute", but I have no idea how to make my own header or button..whatever you call it in the blogging world. I might be able to add a few things on the sidebars once I get some pictures of Miss Aubree, but as far as the header goes I am clueless..any advice would be greatly appreciated since I am really not that good at figuring that kind of stuff out on my own. I know it doesn't need to be "cute", but I would like to make it more appealing for myself and for those of you who think I am interesting..not sure why that is, but I will take it!


  1. Hey Amanda---

    HUGS on the rough morning. That song always make me cry, too.

    I'm a graphic artist so if you want a header I'd be glad to make you one :) email me

  2. Hi Amanda, it's BT. Call me if you need me and I can try and help with your blog. I haven't done much with my blog but I did a little so call me and I can help.