Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What A Morning!

I took Parker to his two year appointment this morning with Carley in tow, and I promised them that we would go get a few new movies with their birthday money if they were both good at the doctor's office. The waiting room was packed when we got there so that was not a good sign to begin with. I got him registered and we sat down to wait our turn. Parker decided that he needed to play with all of the toys at the doctor's office, but I am pretty grossed out about that so I won't allow them to touch those toys. Think about it..some kids are healthy when they come to the doctor's office, but most are not. I know I have seen a lot of sick kids playing with those toys before so I won't allow them to touch them. I bring my own things for them to play with, and I am always armed with "snacks" since that seems to work pretty well most of the time. I gave them their snack of Organic applesauce, and then he refused to listen to me at all..He was kicking and screaming in the waiting room. I was that mother this morning..He seriously threw two major temper tantrums while in the waiting room, and I couldn't distract him in any way, shape, or form..it was bad! He even hit me and pulled my hair..he was that mad. He can be such a sweet kid until he doesn't get his way. During his second tantrum we were called back into the exam room. I told the nurse about how much I loved this age, and she was probably wondering how she was going to get his height and weight with the kicking and screaming that was going on. He refused to take his shirt off too, but I finally convinced him that he could show them how he could put it back on after we were all done. He did end up sitting really well for the entire exam believe it or not. Our doctor even commented on what a good boy he was since he just followed all of his instructions..He was 37 inches long today and 24 lbs., 3 oz. He has moved up 1% in the weight percentile..We are now at a whopping 8%! He is finally starting to eat so maybe he will gain some weight..I am thinking that he is going to be just like his mommy and daddy though..tall and thin. Carley is already there so why wouldn't he be that way as well? I am happy that they are tall and thin instead of a bit on the chunky side. There is no way they will ever gain any weight as much as they run! I wish my metabolism was still like theirs! Their day will come too when they can't eat whatever they want and not gain any weight though! It was a rough morning at the doctor's office. It is funny because I normally would have been so embarrassed about something like that, but I just don't care. I tried to soothe him, but I just couldn't. Sure it looked like I had a terrible kid this morning, but I know him and know that he isn't usually like that so who cares what others think! Boy I have really grown up..

It is a beautiful day here today, and I hear that it is only going to get nicer as the week goes on! Yay! I have a busy week planned so that makes me happy. I get to see one of my friends from high school on Thursday, and my playgroup is coming over to see the new house on Friday morning. I really am feeling more and more like myself these days! It is nice to want to see people again and to not be afraid when you go to the store that you just might run into someone. When I went into Wal-Mart today I wasn't constantly looking around me to make sure I didn't know someone. I just did what I needed to do, and I was even friendly to the cashier! We did get Alice In Wonderland today and the first Toy Story. The Toy Story movie was not a reward for Parker's behavior..in fact, I'm not even sure he knew we got it so it will be a reward for another time. I can't reward his behavior this morning. He could care less though because he got a lollipop anyways. He was a happy camper even after his shot. I had to schedule him for his 2 1/2 year appointment this morning..when did they start doing those? He is getting all kinds of things that Carley never got..different vaccines, more appointments, etc. They are only 18 months apart..things change that quickly?

Tonight is Carley's last swim class in this session, and we are all going to go watch her. I hope that it keeps Parker entertained because I don't know if I can handle any more tantrums today! I am going to sign him up for the next session since he is two now. He has been wanting to go swimming for a long time so he should be happy. I am just bummed that I have to get in the pool with him..I am not big into the swimming classes. The kids always manage to splash so much water into my contacts that I can't see a thing by the time we are done. We told Carley that since it is her last night we are going to go out to eat to celebrate (mostly because I won't have time to make dinner because it isn't over until 6:40, and Mike doesn't get home until around 5:20), and she chose her favorite restaurant..Taco Bell. Oh goodie! I don't know why she loves tacos so much. It is a tough place for us because Parker won't eat anything there except the nachos and cheese which is so healthy! It is her choice so I guess we will all enjoy it, and we might all just feel a little sick later too..:) We don't get fast food very often so this would be a special treat in her eyes I guess. She is almost ready to move on to the next level so we are hoping for a good report card tonight!

On a more serious note..I just found out thanks to my new friend Katy, who has also suffered losing her beautiful baby girl Hannah, that the song "Before The Morning" truly was written about possibly losing a child. It's no wonder why I keep hearing it and finding strength and hope from the words that Josh Wilson wrote about his friend's situation. Losing a child truly rocks you to your core, but I know that this pain really is nothing compared to the joy that is coming...

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