Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am just so overwhelmed by the cards, letters, and donations that we are still receiving in honor of Aubree. We just got a donation today from a local construction company. This builder built my mom and dad's house, but it was still so amazing that they sent a donation to NILMDTS. I don't think people realize what they have given to another family. I am truly thankful for the people who have donated because it is one of the best gifts that any grieving parent can receive..the gift of beautiful pictures. We don't get to take any more pictures of her so the fact that we have such beautiful ones is such a blessing to us. I know of several other people who want to donate to them as well..I just can't thank people enough for being willing to donate to such a beautiful organization in honor of my beautiful baby girl. Unless you experience the loss of a child you will never understand to the same extent what a wonderful gift this organizaton provides..but I'm sure you can imagine..

My mom and dad are going to look at a boxer puppy tonight to add to their family. Murphy is in serious need of a playmate so hopefully one of the four females that they have to choose from will work out for them. They are looking for a brindle with a full black mask like Tyson had. Murphy has the white on his face which I am finding that I like a bit more for some reason...I am so jealous because I want a boxer puppy. I have always loved the breed since high school, and after we got Tyson I fell even more in love with them because he was one in a million. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but on one of my crazy days I told Carley that maybe we could get a boxer puppy this summer..She has yet to forget! I do believe it would be a great distraction for me since I was supposed to be spending my summer taking care of a newborn. We will call him Ruger, and we are looking for a fawn with white on his face. I prefer the brindle color, but Mike wants to go with something different since all of the boxers we have been around have been brindle. I really don't care since it really all just depends on their personality. I just think that it would be good for all of us. Roxie might think otherwise, but in the long run it will be good for her too. It will keep the kids from tormenting her instead..We just need the grass first...I am looking forward to adding to our family in that way..the more the merrier right?

I know we have a lot of planting to do too so that should take my mind off of what I should have been doing..I know that I will always think of her at times because in my mind I had seen our future together as a family. I was excited about our next big family Christmas together because she would be there to share it with us, and I was excited about introducing her to my cousin and her kids who come up in the summer from Florida. There are so many things that I was looking forward to doing with another child, but now I just have the regular every-day stuff to look forward to..It is hard to think about the future when there is already a big part of what was supposed to be there missing..I know she was never truly meant to be here because that is what God had planned for her, but in my head she was a part of my future..We will get through...

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