Saturday, March 27, 2010

In Her Memory

I have been wracking my brain for ways to commemorate Aubree. I of course wear my stork in honor of my other two, but I had to come up with something different for her. I have always associated her with an angel, but all of the angel pendants that I have found look more like a cherub than an angel..I found one that is a bit more contemporary looking, and Mike took it to our local jeweler that does custom work. He did our wedding bands and my birthstone ring that I wear so we figured he would be up for this job as well. He is going to make me an angel that has her birthstone as the head to wear with my stork. I am just so glad that I will finally have something to wear that honors her..I have also been thinking about doing a charm bracelet as well as a way to remember some of the big things that have played a role in making me who I am today. I would of course have to get something that would represent Trisomy 18 as well. I'm pretty sure they have charms or something that would work to attach to my bracelet. I just want something that people can look at that might spark some questions or raise awareness about it. I always seem to get compliments on some of my jewelry so maybe that is the way to go about raising awareness about it in my case.

I have been looking at possible vacation spots for our family today. We were invited to go to the beach with my friend and her family, but we declined because we feel like we really need to reconnect as a family this year. I would love to go on vacation with her family at some point though so hopefully we have another year that will work better for us! We have just been so busy with building the house, grieving Aubree, etc. I just feel like my other two kids haven't gotten the attention that they deserve so we are going to spend an entire week just focused on them instead of only half-focusing on them. They have been such troopers through all of this, and this is just one of the ways that I am going to reward them..I just wish that I could go back and do things differently in some ways. I would have stressed so much less about the house because in the end it doesn't matter. I feel like I have missed almost an entire year of their growth due to everything that has been going on..I know that is life, but I feel like I have been so unfair to them. I can be there for them now though..I have big plans for this summer for them. We are going to be doing a lot as a family so I hope they are ready for some fun. I know that I am!

Just a little whisper to Aubree today..I really miss you baby girl..You are forever ingrained into my heart...

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